Protective Suit

Description of medical disposable protective clothing 1. Main uses It is suitable for medical disposable protective clothing which provides barrier and protective effect for medical staff to contact with potentially infectious patients' blood, body fluid, secretions, particulate matter in the air and so on. 2. System Composition The protective clothing consists of a hooded top and trousers. 3.Key performance indicators
Meet the Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable Protective Clothing (GB19082-2009) (1) Water resistance The hydrostatic pressure in key parts of protective clothing should not be less than 1.67 KPA (2) moisture permeability The moisture permeability of protective clothing materials shall not be less than 2500g/(m2). d); (3) Resistance to synthetic blood penetration Protective clothing against synthetic blood penetration should be no less than grade 2 (4) Surface moisture resistance No less than 3 grade on outer side of protective clothing (5) Fracture strength The breaking strength of the material in the key parts of protective clothing should not be less than 45N; (6) elongation at break The elongation at break of the material in the key parts of protective clothing should be not less than 15% (7) Filter efficiency The filtration efficiency of non-oil particulate matter at key materials and joints of protective clothing should not be less than 70% (8) Surface resistance Protective clothing shall be not more than 0.6μC/parts (9) Electrostatic Attenuation Performance Top Form The electrostatic decay time of protective clothing material should not exceed 0.5 s (9) Skin irritation Primary stimulus score should not exceed 1 (10) Microbial indicators The protective clothing shall meet the requirements of the microbial index in GB15979-2002. (11) Ethylene oxide residues protective clothing sterilized by ethylene oxide, its ethylene oxide residue should not exceed 10ug/g.
Main features Light, breathable, suitable for one-time use.
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